Five Minute Journal App Reviews

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I Love It!

Ive just started and alt ady feeling better about my life.. Thanx!

Very good App !!!

This app is very great !!! And all day helps to improve a positive attitude.

I am grateful for this app

Awesome app to practice gratitude and be happy everyday. It helps you stop for 5 minutes everyday and justa think about life, what youre grateful for, how you can make today a great day, and how you could have made it even greater at the end of the day. Everyone should use it!

I Love it!

This App is amazing! I love Mimi and Alex and Im so thankful theyve made a app too.

Perfect App

Such a beautiful design and idea. Love it!

Thank you for that amazing piece of work! I really enjoy and appreciate this app! Not only is it beautiful, it is soooo functional! I love it and I dont miss the paper version. Its completely worth the 5€

Awesome app, totally recommend it

Having a positive outlook on things gets super easy. Plus the app is designed simply and beautifully. All you need to practice gratitude and enjoy its benefits - in a visually appealing way. Worth every cent.

Great App

Love the simple design and inspirational quotes. Great way to start and end the day!

Simple and great app

The app is really simple and great. It has only one downside: Sharing the daily quote with Evernote leads to a saved image instead of text. This could be improved.

great app!

The apps got a beautiful, simple design and its easy to follow system really makes you happy! Perfect for keeping you aware of and focusing on the good things that happen in your life. Worth it ;)


Was looking forward to this app. Purchased, and discovered you have to sign up and log in -- WHY? Why cant anyone make a journal app that really IS private?

This APP is a must have!!!

Gratitude is the key to living a happy and meaningful life. I dare you to try it for 30 days and see how great life really is!

I dig the UI. Love color choice and animations. Couple suggestions: -In settings, option to relocate "+" button to the left. -I wouldnt switch to next day at midnight, more like at 4am -Add 3D touch

Love this app

This app is a huge improvement from the old app. I will definitely start using it again.

Great app

I loved the five minute journal and I love the app! Its sleek, easy to use, visually pleasing. Great reminders and the photo piece is awesome.


Really nice app! I was thinking about getting the journal but I knew i wouldnt stick with it cause im not that good with paper. However the application is really helpful and user friendly. I like the reminders and i set my morning one while Ill be waiting for the bus and the evening at my was back. So far so great!

Clean and user friendly

Im really enjoying using this app. Dont know about previous versions but the current design couldnt be easier to maneuver. The design is clean and the simple reminders helpful yet non-intrusive.

Absolutely Wonderful

A very easy to use but powerful app. Based on on the principals of positivity to make it fun and important for a day to day activity. - Great job and a high five to the development team

Better than the book!

And I love the book! So great to have the reminders every day and to have it accessible on my phone, and not just my bedside table.

Great but wouldnt mind variety

I love it. Makes a big difference in my mood and positivity. I would enjoy having different types of entry from day to day. Thank you Mimi and Alex!

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