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Great app, but PLEASE make an iPad app. Thank you.

Please make an iPad app. Please make an iPad app.

5 Stars!!

This app deserves the greatest rating. I have been using the 5 Minute Journal on and off for 2 years. I find myself feeling more positive, mindful, and balanced when I use it regularly. When I go days without using it.. things are really put into perspective for me! I have learned from experience how important practicing gratitude is for me to live a productive and healthy lifestyle. Thank you for such a simple yet creative way to really process the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, while being mindful of the little blessings of that come with being alive.

Wish it supported iPad

I like the app a lot and I don’t have any issues w/ it’s functionality other than I got rid of my iPhone but still use an iPad Pro a lot, and sadly this app isn’t compatible w/ the iPad, at least, not that I’m aware. An iPad version would be great, especially if it had support for iPencil. Being able to physically write instead of type would be a nice touch. Other than that, great app.

Quick, Easy, Effective

Super quick and easy to use. I like that you can add a picture to each day’s entry. You can set daily reminders for the morning and evening. Overall, I’ve noticed a positive attitude shift in myself since using this journal. It’s amazing how, even on the worst day, you can think of three things that went well that day. Definitely shifts your perspective.

Great App

Something I can imagine sticking with. Been enjoying each moment and accomplishment a little more since I started.

If you have persistent negative thoughts... do this!

The app is great... I love the photo feature. It’s very little effort for a huge return. Highly recommend.

Haven’t missed a day in 2 years!

This app makes it so easy to jot down a few things to remember each day. I have never succeeded at journaling until I discovered this app. Writing down things I am grateful for at the beginning of the day has made my life better. I love that you can customize the options you want to have. The only thing I would really like is to be able to somehow print into a hardcover book.

Bought it and can’t even open the app

I bought this app with high hopes. After download, it requires the user to Sign Up, Continue with Facebook or Log In. Since I don’t already have an account and do not wish to link the app to Facebook in any way, I attempted to sign up. The page is simple and It asks for an email address and password. Each time I entered the required information and clocked the “sign up” button I got a message that read “Whoa. Request failed. Try again.” 👀 There is no indication of what went wrong or who to contact to trouble shoot the issue. Links through the app to the developer website timeout and do not transfer to any website. It took major searching to figure out the developer, find the mobile app link and find the email address to request assistance. Seriously?!?! This product will stay at one star until someone can help me get into the program. And it will not rise above 3 until the support links are addressed. Disappointed.

Perfect; well almost!

The app is incredible and very easy to use. I needed something like this to get me to journal without feeling like it's a chore. And who likes to carry around a journal and try to keep it private? With this app its always with me and I can set a password to open it. I can take a pic which is incorporated into my journal entry and then prompts steer me to completion in less than 5 mins. The almost perfect...At this time I don't think the journal will switch/flip to landscape view when you turn your IPAD---so when I use my bluetooth keyboard which mounts my IPAD in landscape---the app will open but remain in a locked position which forces me to remove my IPAD and turn it so the home button is at the bottom.


Didn’t think it would make such a change so quickly but these 5 mins definitely helps you feel more gratitude.

Works well for me

I’m not really a journaler. I have many apps that I’ve tried over the years, and while they are very robust, I’ve always been the weak link. I just don’t keep up with the journals. This app narrows the focus to specific questions, and you can further reduce the scope in the settings to just morning or eve, and limit the questions at those times. I’m currently only answering the daily gratitude question (and only requiring myself to answer 1), and that’s really helped. I plan to add in more questions after I have some consistency and practice, but it’s been several weeks of daily entries, so we are headed the right direction. The interface is great and conducive to using the app-visually pleasing and simple. Works well for me.

This app will change your outlook on life

This app makes journaling easy. I am a very busy but make time daily!

Great way to start and end the day

I have this “book” in print and the app. I recommend it to everyone I know personally and professionally. Its been a life changer for me. I’ve always been an optimistic and happy person, but actually reflecting daily- even if just a few moments- has enlightened my life on many levels.

Simple and Powerful

Very simple app to use and extremely powerful when it comes to my immediate mood and the day’s outcome. Really could be called the 2-3 minute journal; doesn’t take that long.


I have been using five minutes journal since it first came out and have never stoped . This gives me a great start to my day and put me in a track filled with positivity and gratitude . Thank you :)

Great idea..

The idea is great and it really works to keep one writing daily. Problems: Mainly technical , my iPhone and iPad don’t sync together . So if I wrote in the iPad, it stays on iPad and if I wrote it in the iPhone ... Have written to developers about this and was told , this would happen in the future and I should save the entries as pdf and go from there. iPad problem: the app only have the vertical view. It doesn’t have the horizontal view for some reason.


I am loving this digital version of a journal. I’ve bought numerous paper versions but never do more than a couple days. I just enrolled in IIN and this fits perfectly with my daily reflection exercise. For natine who is not a paper person I highly recommend this 5 min app. I love being able to go back and read what I wrote says before.

Basic and redundant

I don't love it. I had to pay to write down three things I'm grateful for every day? I can do that on a notepad from the dollar store...

Only one thing I would change

This app is great for someone who wants to be mindful of their lives. I love the questions and prompts, but they are the same every day. I wish that there were someway to add a little bit of free journaling when you wanted to. Otherwise, I love it!

it’s the little things

Simple and easy user interface. Helps me remember the little things and moments to encourage me daily and keep me positive. I’ve set up daily morning and evening reminders so that I begin and end each day thinking about why I’m grateful and that I’m blessed.

Awesome app.

So, I LOVE this app. It run beautifully. It service its purpose well. My only gripe is: you can’t change the dates if you make a mistake. I am a night owl. And sometimes, my mornings and days/nights get flipped, and I’ll write the night entry for the next night ( say it’s 12:03am May 28, I’m still thinking it’s the 27th). Anyway: I wish we could change the date for the entry already done. Would save a lot of copy and pasting‘ing.

It needs more functionality

It’s great that you don’t have to carry a notebook with you to do your 5-min journal. But what’s the use if you’re still very limited even though it’s a digital product? For example: I have accidentally entered information into the wrong day. Now I wanted to move it to the right day but to my surprise this easy functionality just does not exist. You have to copy each line, close the day, move to the other day and paste it in there and repeat those steps. Very cumbersome. Also when viewing the entries in a list view, it only shows the ones that have an image entry and completely hides all the other ones. Not good User Experience design. Please improve. The app can easily get these functions and still be super simple to use.

Great app!

I love the daily quotes the most!! I check it every day and share the quote to Facebook.But the Quotes are now starting to repeat so please update with new ones!

Overpriced for what it does.

Can I get a refund?

Post messages for yourself not others

Foster thankfulness and remember beautiful life moments through this app. Noting down things you are thankful each day helps you foster thankfulness...Give Thanks to the Lord!

Incredible App

This is such a great habit to develop and this sinple app makes it so easy. There is something life renewing about starting and ending your day reflecting on what you are grateful for. My only complaint is that you cant add a question to help build even more habits. Well worth the few dollars.

Wish for more features

Though I really like the interface and prompts for gratitude and 3 great things that happened that day, I wish there were a small section for a journal entry and capability for more photos. I REALLY wish I could add an entry based on calendar days and not just the plus sign and figuring out which day to backlog. I’m bad about keeping up so it’d be nice to have a more user friendly way of adding an old entry. :)

No freedom to write outside template

would like a section to just write without prompts... a lot more satisfying

Life Changing

This app was recommended to me by a dear friend who had used it to pull up from some wicked postpartum depression. It has kept me positive while navigating a challenging period of life. I am so grateful for the way it has shifted my focus!

Love the book THE APP IS WAY BETTER!!

I love having the 5 min journal on my phone. I travel a lot and i got tired of carrying around the book all the time so i stopped using it. What i love about the app is the daily picture I can add. It’s like a keeping of my life. I love it. So easy to use.

Seeds of greatness

Loving this whole concept. Journaling what you’re grateful for, and what you intend to do during the day, and then in the evening following up with reflection on the the most straightforward way to set yourself up for success in any and all areas of your life. 💛

Makes a difference

Used the physical journal to get started and saw an improvement in my outlook - app is an easy way to have and carry the journal with me .

Just what I need

Easy and only takes a few minutes. Has already made me be more positive. No excuse not to do it!

suggestions & what I love

What I love about this app: - it focuses on the positive things in life - makes it extremely easy to write entries - doesn't make you feel obligated to write essays - ability to add a daily photo - the only journal type app that allows you to export all entries - when you export, it doesn't show the boxes that you didn't write anything for Suggestions: - ability to add more than 1 photo to an entry - allow you to customize the title for the morning and evening, rather than only being able to select from 2-3 options - other than the 2 sections (morning/evening), I wish there was just a section like "overall day" or something, so you can essentially write a journal entry of you wanted - I love the bullet points, but I wish it only had one (or allowed you to specify rather than 3). I also don't think that it should be limited to 3 Thanks for this super easy to navigate app, love it!

not worth the money

its a neat app and all but they ask the same questions everyday. its kinda pointless and its supposed to promote happiness and positivity but i end up having the same answer everyday. i am not a person to write reviews at all but im really disappointed in this one so i am taking the time to write this for people who think of buying.

Makes journaling enjoyable

I have gone through different formats of journaling, but I have come to appreciate the simplicity and challenge to keep my five-minute journal. I am using the book to capture thoughts as I wake up and go to bed. The app is excellent for capturing moments during the day. Adding a photo helps to reinforce what I wrote on that day.

Perfect app for staying positive when busy

I love this app. I am a new mom who works full time while husband travels and I have no tome to reflect on life. This has really helped me find the positive and look forward to making my day great.

The App + The journal perfect combo

I use the app as a reminder to write on my journal and when I don’t have it handy I use the app and then catch up on the journal. I love technology but there is still something special about writing things down! Im thankful for the 5 min journal and the productivity journal

Great App - needs iPad version

I use it every day ... only thing preventing a 5 star rating is lack of iPad capability, specifically working in landscape mode. Come on!

Quick and easy to use

Focuses on the positive, helpful in setting short term goals, and reflecting on your day.

Brilliant App

This is an amazing idea...A physical Journal just was not working for me so I bought this. It reminds me to Journal in the morning and in the evening...Amazing stuff.

incredibly handy

I’ve only been using this app journal for a couple weeks but find it incredibly handy. I really appreciate 3 things about the design of this app: a) that when I open it I can see my personally photos for each day and a snippet from those entries; b) that it offers the option to turn it into a pdf so that it could be printed and/or digitally stored elsewhere; c) and that it’s main purpose is to focus on the good.


Being grateful and appreciative to start and end my day has sparked a new found respect and fulfillment in life. I’m not taking time to slow down and reflect on what my day has given me the opportunity to be thankful for, which seems like such a woo-woo thing, but the benefits from being grateful far exceed the 10-15 mins a day I take to update what I’m thankful for. Thank you creators and innovators of 5 minute journal to create this platform!

Makes me smarter

What a great app! It helps me stay in the presence and enjoy my successes. The metacognitive aspect of the app helps me tackle and slow problems by applying different thinking.

Great but not great?

I absolutely love the concept but I don’t like how ending the entry on a negative note. I also wished you can make your own questions. I have another app I use, they let me make my own template of questions. They also have a set of pre made templates. I love the different questions.

Simple & sweet

Enjoying the short, simple daily entries to set me on the right track each morning.

Love it!

So easy and quick it’s a no brainer. I have zero excuses and love being able to look back at past entries. I’ve committed to doing the morning miracle everyday and this app makes it work!!

So easy to embrace journaling

I’ve wanted to write more regularly, and this little app has made me do just that. It has such a simple, flexible, user-friendly design, that it’s easy to get the habit instilled quickly. Bravo to its creators and designers!

Travel companion

Great app for keeping track attractions while traveling. Combine with photos and create quick review


What a wonderful and easy way to start and end the day

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